valo’s street lights and Smart City platform provide beneficial opportunities for both cities and their citizens. The advanced technology in VALO’s street lights and controllers allow cities to save money and resources, while offering convenient amenities to city inhabitants. The main services offered by VALO are:

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Free Public Wifi

Free public WiFi access can be delivered with VALO’s WiFi unit which creates wireless hotspots where people can access the internet at no cost. Public WiFi has many benefits for cities and users, such as convenient access to services, support for tourism, education, and communication channels for disaster relief.

With the VALO platform, cities bare no cost for providing public WiFi as costs are covered via advertising revenue. This revenue is shared between the city (20%) and VALO (80%).

Advertising is delivered in three ways:

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Public Private Partnerships

VALO offers multi-year Public Private Partnership with cities and municipalities. This partnership saves money for the city, and potential revenue is shared between the partners. By leveraging profits and costs, the Public Private Partnership has several advantages:

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Network Platform

VALO provides energy efficient LED street lights and a network platform for city data collection.

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Cost Coverage

VALO covers all costs for hardware, installation, maintenance and warranty for 15-20 years.

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City Partnership

Savings are shared equally between the city and VALO . New revenue streams, such as advertising revenue from public WiFi, are shared with the city (20%) and VALO (80%).