Smart City Pole is a fully developed component of an intelligent city infrastructure, suitable for various urban environments.

Thanks to its sensory equipment it is designed to actively collect and interpret data. It also offers number of additional features for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants.

Technical Specifications

DESIGN: Freestanding box, ground mounted
CONTROL: Touch on LCD screen, remote via CitySys
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Sheet steel 3mm, plastic cap
COLOUR: Various according client
POLE DIMENSIONS (H x W x L): 2200 x 350 x 250 mm
DISPLAY: LCD 10,4´´, backlight LED, 16:9
RESOLUTION: 1024 x 786
LUMINOUS INTENSITY: Highly luminous 1000 cd/m2, automatic brightness regulation sensor
OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: Double box design, USB plugs for charging (6x), AC plugs (3x), weather station, power consumption measurement
WEIGHT: 81 kg
ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Max. 100 W (without external loads connected to AC plugs)
  Body: IP57
  Cap for sensing, RGB indicator Light Guide,
  Internal Instrument box, Metal Cover
BOX SERVICE: Back panel opening


  • Weather station (temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, solar radiation, illuminance)
  • CO2 and VOC indication
  • USB charging, 230V plugs with remote control
  • Emergency terminal with push button
  • IP cameras
  • Touch panel with application


Smart City Pole was designed to satisfy all the essential needs of its users. It offers internet connection, built-in USB chargers, weather station, sensors sensible to various parameters, like: air quality, presence of volatile organic substances and allergens, humidity, athmospheric pressure or wind speed.

To enforce the safety of its installation Smart City Pole exploits a system of 4 cameras with enhanced video analysis technology, SOS button linked directly to security service and an intercom for two-way communication.

Smart City Pole offers simple and intuitive widget interface through which the users can view on the data collected.

All this makes Smart City Pole a feature able to contribute directly to the quality of life and safety in the living quarters and, in the same time, to serve as useful data generator for the city and people in it.

Business Case

Magio Beach in Bratislava

Our 1st SMART CITY POLE you could experience at Magio Beach in Bratislava.

The visitor could browse through Magio Beach website, made pictures by 2 integrated camera – everything possible during the phone charging by 12 available USB ports.

That SMART CITY POLE had integrated Meteo Station, where we received statistics with merged data (Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure, CO2, Wind direction and much more).