Smart City Platform

VALO’s Smart City sensor platform makes it easy for cities to deploy and maintain smart street lighting. It is low cost, modular, and integrated into a single form factor. The sensor platform is plug-and-play compatible on more than 500 million streetlights worldwide, and offers light controls, surveillance, environment monitoring, and public WiFi.

Custom sensor modules, integrated into the VALO Smart City platform, can be used to collect data on a variety of factors. For instance, water and electrical meter monitoring, environmental and agricultural sensing, or traffic surveillance. VALO offers low or high volume custom sensor designs.

VALO’s Smart City platform is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet of Things system. Application and operating system support is available for lighting controls, environment monitoring, surveillance, public WiFi, etc. The VALO platform has certified third party Application Program Interface (API) integration.

Smart City Manager

VALO’s Smart City Manager provides cities with direct secure access to their information, and the ability to control street lights and connected devices. The system is a convenient and effective way for cities to manage street lighting and to collect data. The VALO Smart City Manager features include:

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Basic Street Lights Control

On/Off and dimming by groups or zones

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Connection Diagnostics

Total connected by groups or by zone, and energy consumed

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Equipment Diagnostics

For proactive service and repairs

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Simple user-friendly interface in multiple languages

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Information Security

Secured access by tokens

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Analytics + Insights

From real-time reports


VALO offers a variety of sensors for smart city applications, such as traffic and parking monitoring, waste management, air quality and water monitoring, and weather detection. The sensors, listed below, can be used in conjunction with VALO’s Smart City platform.

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Smart City Sensor

The smart city sensor is an all in one unit that is uniquely designed for general smart city use. A variety of imbedded sensors make this unit useful for many applications, such as:

Noise monitoring: real-time acoustic levels

Air quality: NH3, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, dust, etc.

Weather: temperature, humidity, pressure

Waste management: garbage bin levels, ultrasound

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Event Sensor

The event sensing unit contains a variety of useful sensors for monitoring incidents and occurrences. Applications of the event sensor include:

Security: vibration, person detection, hall effect

Emergencies: presence detection, water levels, temperature

Logistics: vibration and impact

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Gas Sensors

VALO offers several gas sensors depending on the needs or requirements. Gas sensors can be used in monitoring applications such as:

Pollution: CO, NO, NO2, O3, SO2

Air quality: NH3, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, dust

Weather: temperature, humidity, pressure

Emissions: CH4, H2S, NH3

Fires: CH4, H2S, NH3

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Parking Sensor

VALO offers several gas sensors depending on the needs or requirements. Gas sensors can be used in monitoring applications such as:

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Water Sensors

VALO offers multiple water sensing units for different smart city scenarios involving water or fluids. Common applications of water sensors include:

Drinking water monitoring: pH, nitrates, Ca2+, I-, Cl-, NO3-, Mg2+, Na+, etc.

Pollution: temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrates

Waste water treatment: Cu2+, Ag+, BF4-, Li+, NO2-, CIO4-, Ph