Smart Cameras + Software

VALO offers Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that integrate with its Smart City platform. These cameras have a wide variety of applications including people or vehicle monitoring and counting, intrusion and threat detection, loitering detection, and identifying abandoned objects.

VALO's two main IP cameras have the following set of features

A security camera

Repositable IP Dome Cameras

  • 1080p HD Resolution +
  • Embedded Intelligence Technology
  • Remote Pan/Tilt & Zoom (3x) Control
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • True Day/Night Performance

Outdoor Dome IP Cameras

  • 1080p & 720p HD Resolution
  • True Day/Night Performance
  • 18 IR LEDs (IR Models)
  • External Alarm I/O
  • IP66 Rated for Outdoor Use

Video Control

VALO's video control software acts as a central platform for managing cameras and videos. This intelligent and powerful Video Management Software (VMS) supports most cameras, and has a wide selection of advanced features and add-ons, allowing for highly-efficient video monitoring and surveillance. Features of the video controls include:

Power button

Intuitive + User Friendly

Interface allows users to easily understand the configuration process and start using the software

Video Camera

Event + Action Management

Automated video surveillance process with an alarm and action manger

64 bit core

64-Bit Core

Use the full power of system hardware

Mobile Phone


Continuous monitoring of server status and failover management from the central server

Digital Camera

4k Ready

4K ready VMS application with 4K recording and playback

Government building

Archive Replication

Advanced mirror recording with scheduled transfers to ensure safety of data at all times

A Graph

Powerful Analytics

Modules for advanced video analytics and face recognition


Integration + API

Combine video surveillance with third party software with integration possibilities

Facial Recognition

VALO supplies face recognition software which is designed to work with video controls. This biometric application provides system performance and reliability.

The facial recognition software has live face-detection, simultaneous multiple face recognition, and fast face matching in one-to-one and one-to-many modes. This software is idea for security monitoring and law enforcement applications.