The VALO Vision

VALO strives to improve people’s lives by providing better lighting and safer environments. VALO’s Smart City platform makes cities more efficient by collecting real-time data for city services and infrastructure, such as transportation, utilities, security, and pollution.

Our Purpose

VALO is a smart city integrator that aims to better people’s lives around the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. VALO’s products and services provide better lighting for city inhabitants which increases safety.

Additionally, VALO makes cities more efficient by collecting real-time information for city assets, such as traffic, security, pollution, and municipal utilities.

Have a Smart City Project or Idea?

The VALO Advantage

Installing and maintaining street lights can present issues for cities and municipalities. VALO overcomes the financial and technical challenges related to developing this infrastructure:


Zero Cost

VALO replaces and maintains aging municipal infrastructure with advanced technology at no cost to the city.


Capital Allocation

VALO brings the advantage of no capital cost, freeing up budgets for other concerns within local cities.


Data Collection

VALO street lights provide real-time information on city assets and services.

VALO’s platform addresses these problems while providing multiple benefits for cities and the people living within them:

VALO installs and maintains new LED street lights for the city with no out-of-pocket costs for the city

VALO shares cost savings with the city which provides new funds for city projects

VALO creates new revenues for the city via data and advertising

VALO provides new services for the city’s citizens, such as public WiFi